Friday, September 26, 2008

Hey all! Thanks to anyone who has viewed my new blog though at least one comment would have been nice :(, if you don't want to sign up to this site you could always just e-mail me :). Well any way here is the finished illustration to the line drawing I previously posted. I added the color in Corel Painter and did some other editing in Photoshop.

Here is one other design I did for my Decorative Illustration class. The assignment was to create a self promotion image to be put on a t-shirt. I'd like to do fantasy work and fairies are awesome so that's what I went with. And below is how it would look on a t-shirt. This was all done is Photoshop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey all!

Welcome to my blog, as the title states I plan to post my art work on this blog for people to hopefully see and enjoy. I will show how my process works from beginning to end for some work, only finished work for others and possibly some sketch book work. Please feel free to leave any comments good or to point things out that can be improved, I'm always looking to learn and grow so don't be afraid to speak up.

For now I will mainly be posting my most recent work which is the work I am doing for this Fall semester. So for this first blog here is a portfolio project for a children's book illustration which is a work in progress at the moment, I will post my process for it so far.

Here is the first rough sketch, it is a young girl and her fantasy creature friends basically destroying her families kitchen. The shadow is a very upset nanny. I decided to stick with this idea but change it slightly, at the moment it works as more of a cover illustration but I wanted it to be more of a two page inside illustration. So I changed the position of the little girl to be in the distruction of the kitchen rather than a by stander as she is in this first sketch.This is now the same idea but changed so the young girl is enjoying the destruction along with her fantasy friends. The nanny has no detail because there will be a light from the window behind her casting shadow infront of her to cause the young girl and her friend in the foreground to stand out more as the focal point and it is also important to leave certain areas of an illustration less detailed so text can be added later. This is the finished line drawing which I will add color to in Corel Painter which I will post when finished.
I hope you all enjoyed this little explanation of my process and it wasn't too boring.